Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 1.0

Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 1.0

It's Friday afternoon, and you, as a lash tech, have a client that wants a volume full set. She wants dramatic, she wants full, she wants MEGA va-va-voom. You take a closer look; she has so many natural lashes, that you are excited yet overwhelmed. It's difficult for you to make your own fans, as you have just started out in the lash game, and aren't quite ready to apply for the Lash Olympics yet.

Well, the Yegi Team won't keep ya'll on the edge of the seats no more, and just say WE UNDERSTAND THE STRUGGLE. Yegi would chime in right about now, and say "it's okay to admit that you're struggling, but what's important is to find a solution to better your lash career." Take a second to absorb that, just like how long it takes for our Mega Hold Adhesive to dry.

I'm not one to copy/paste but let this be an introduction, if you haven't heard about the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions out on the streets: "The Yegi Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions are extremely easy to fan out. Soft, light and are best for volume lashes. They are matte and tapered at the edges to give you that wispy look clients love. Best used for a full, dark look."

Now, time to turn up the heat (because, turn down for what?) and take five minutes of your fabulous time to bless all the lovely eager lash technicians with the following video: How to Use Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Tutorial.

This is only the beginning, and there's seriously so much more MEGA TALK (yeah, I made that a thing) to dive into, so let's be real be continued.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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