Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program

Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program

Let the Yegi Team paint a fabu-lash picture for you: as a lash technician, you've used a bunch of our products and keep raving about it on your social media, and have gradually, without realizing, switched over to Yegi Beauty 99.9% of the time. (We are leaving out the .01 percent for modesty reasons)

Well, it's time to roll the red carpet out for the entrance of the Yegi Beauty Ambassador Program, because it's the epitome of "team work makes the dream work"! 

Let's make it as simple as how to use our Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions (have you witnessed how easy the lashes fan out?) and say the following: it's a chance to keep promoting our brand on your lash pages & get awesome benefits and opportunities along the way.

Honestly, the reality check you need as a lash tech is if you look through your feed and reali-EYES the constant tagging addiction you have for Yegi Beauty. So, take that addiction to the next level and become part of the team.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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