You Won't Be Taking An L With Yegi Beauty L Curl Lashes

You Won't Be Taking An L With Yegi Beauty L Curl Lashes

Let's be real here - as a lash technician, you most likely dabble in the art of eyelash extensions with the combination of B, C, and D Curl (this is a Christina Aguilera moment, going back to basics). But, let's not forget about their cousin once removed, known as the L Curl!


Yegi Mink L Curl Eyelash Extensions

So, more on the Yegi Mink L Curl Eyelash Extensions - it gives you the fabulous option of creating an oo-la-la wispy look for those clients that have straight & flat lashes! This Yegi Beauty product is on sale because of minor defects - sometimes, the beauty can be found in imperfections!

Lavish Lashes 5 Star Review

Let's be real here times 2 - look at the beautiful work with the L Curl Lashes!

Yegi Mink Eyelash Extensions Side Shot

Lash Technician: @girlgangbeautystudio - using Yegi Mink L Curl Lashes .05 L Curl; Lash Map 10,11,12,13,12,11

The proof is in the photos. 

Speaking of different curls, let the Yegi Team turn the heat up with a few more worthy pieces of evidence (this is Yegi Trinity after all):

  • Keeping your clients' formulas organized is super important. Purchasing the Yegi Consultation Booklet is highly recommended. (The L Curl is definitely not excluded!)
  • The customer that successfully incorporated the L Curl Lashes (go ahead and admire those lash extensions again, we will wait) considered the eye shape and the state of the natural lashes. Learn all about the Eyelash Extensions theory by taking one of our Yegi Academy courses!
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