Explore The Yegi Beauty Mapping Tutorial

Explore The Yegi Beauty Mapping Tutorial

Just want to officially start a petition to be greeted like this, like every single day. Low-key pretty convinced Yegi would be on board with it. Anyways, without further ado, let's introduce the new product that's part of the Yegi Beauty family: Yegi Consultation Booklet!

More specifically, it's MAPPING FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS. As a lash technician, it's important to really consult with each and every one of your clients, since unique beauty comes with each lovely individual. Each person is different, so why not be organized? WIN-WIN!

We have made it even more fun by providing a Complete Mapping Tutorial For A Hybrid Look - Doll Eye.

Speaking of mapping, take a look below at the "Cheatsheet for Eyelash Extensions" - this is all significant info, especially when you take a Yegi Academy course and dive into the theory. Have lashes really intrigued you? I don't blame you - check out the upcoming dates and locations...a little birdie told me (tweet tweet) that Yegi will be back in Los Angeles later on this month! YASSSSS.

It's a beautiful thang when all three components come together...hence the name YEGI TRINITY. Not only does the Yegi Team aim to put forth amazing products for lash technicians, but we also want to motivate and teach to reach your fullest potential in the realm of business. YASSSS times 2.

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