Color Me Yegi Beauty Lashes

Color Me Yegi Beauty Lashes

You know the saying, "don't look at life so black and white?" or something along those lines. Don't get me wrong, Yegi Trinity is not ruling out the OG black eyelash extensions we all know and love. Rather, we are adding color to the mix!

Yegi takes on a duo role in the YouTube Tutorial for our colored lashes, by having one of our very own Yegi Beauty lash technicians take over while she's the model; that definitely doesn't slow down her teaching technique one bit! 

There are no rules in the lashing game, (well, except making sure that your client is comfortable, relaxed, and content throughout their experience) so it's always super-duper fun to experiment. For Yegi's own set, the lash tech combined the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions as well as the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Blue Colored Lashes. 

[If formulas add that extra spice in your love-of-lash life, the formula consists of the colored lashes in B+ & C+ Curl, Cat Eye, 9-10-11-14mm, 0.05 & 0.07 thickness. See what I mean about having fun experimenting?]

Our awesome customers waved their magical tweezer-wands and added colorful glitter to their sets! I call this one GLUE THE BLUE and on this other side, we have PURELY PURPLE. Abracadabra!

But don't you worry, we have an option for the Classic sets as well! The Yegi team simply cannot forget to mention the Yegi Brown Classic Faux Mink Lashes! 

As you know, when as a lash tech you consult with your client, you want the best for their eye shape, amount of natural lashes, what they're looking for, etc. Sometimes, because of their light or blonde natural lashes, the brown eyelash extensions are the more natural option!

Look at this NATUREL result for this red-head beauty both in the TUTORIAL as well as the INSTAGRAM post!

So, go ahead with yo' bad self either with tackling the Mega Volume or the Classic!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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