Directions For The Curvy Lashes Road

Directions For The Curvy Lashes Road

The beauty is in the eyelashes of the beholder. But, how do you, as a lash technician, master those really curly lashes going in different directions? How do you beautify those perfect imperfections? 

Ding ding ding! The Yegi Trinity light bulb just came on, and we are here to shed light to all your fabulous questions. 

Ain't nothin' but a two-minute thang, so let's take a moment to watch Yegi Beauty - How to Apply Eyelash Extensions on Really Curly Lashes. 

Yegi breaks it down better than a break dancer, as she explains that when eyelashes are really curly and go in different directions, avoid gluing it from the top but rather aim to glue it from the side. The goal is for the base to be attached, and gives her okay if the tip isn't attached. 

We aren't scared of no bump-curls on this road, because we got the top-notch engine power for the curly lashes: at first, you may try to glue right on top, but the curl of the natural lashes may cause some limitation. Don't fret! It's okay to glue the eyelash extension underneath.


Oh, I'm about to make the light bulb shine even brighter in the room by linking all the products used during the tutorial? Great, glad we are all on the same page!

Yegi Beauty Mink Lashes 0.15 12mm

✨ Yegi Beauty Tweezers

✨ Yegi Beauty Premium Adhesive  

✨ Yegi Beauty Hydrating Under Eye Patch

✨ Yegi Beauty White Tape 

✨ Yegi Beauty Clear Tape  

Let me add a cha-ching to the ding ding ding and embrace the ability for you to shine bright like a lash-tech while getting your money's worth with one of our Yegi Beauty Kits.

Remember, Yegi Academy courses come with a kit (depending on which one you sign up for) so make some money moves and take advantage of the chance of getting certified for eyelash extensions!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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