Is That A World Tour Or Yegi's U.S. Tour?

Is That A World Tour Or Yegi's U.S. Tour?

Similar to how Yegi impulsively decided to have a "take-a-crack-at-it" attitude and opened a beauty salon, it's safe to say she did the same by deciding to sell her car and rent an RV with her fiance, and start touring the United States to offer demos and teach certification courses. (This run-on sentence feels oddly like how quickly Yegi ran off to explore the U.S. and spread her eyelash extensions magic everywhere)

If you're interested in learning more about Yegi's motivational personality and attitude, click here for more insight to the Life of Yegi.

How did this tour really come about? Well, we all know the importance of hands-on training, especially with an art like lashing. But, Yegi doesn't want anyone to feel left out either, so she took that extra lash-love step and created online classes for ya'll! If that ain't commitment, I don't know what is. 

My eyelash-extensions senses are communicating to me via the Lash Goddesses, and you're probably wondering, "Why choose Yegi Academy over other schools for certification?"

Here's the answer that holds so much volume from this classic lady: Yegi includes a Yegi Beauty Kit depending on which course you purchase! That means you're already ahead of the la-la-lash game by getting educated on how to use our eyelash extensions products while learning about the theory. AND you get a lifetime student code after you get certified to use towards Yegi Beauty supplies? Go ahead, take a moment to stop jumping up and down from the excitement. 

Wouldn't want to excite you more than I already have, but once as a lash technician, you've advanced in your lashing skills, the Yegi Team is excited to offer the Yegi Educator Course as your way in to the making-money-while-lashing party

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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