Yegi Tweezerhands, The Sequel

Yegi Tweezerhands, The Sequel

Isolation is a not-so-isolated topic in the eyelash extensions world, so there has to be a second part to the [lash-mad]ness. But, the Yegi team and Yegi Trinity is always here to put your mind at ease, and feel fabulous about lashing okay? Let's do this.

Since I mentioned how important isolation already is, (sorry, sounding like a broken record is for your own good I promise) Yegi wants to make sure the significance goes hand-in-hand with all the advancements she incorporates in her Yegi Beauty products. So, she's trying to make it easy and breezy for lash technicians. 

The Yegi Beauty Isolation Tool hit our website with a BAM a couple of months ago. [Ooo-la-la there's one in GOLD too.] 

Yegi is planning on making an awesome-and-informative tutorial video for the Isolation tool, so you'll just grab the tool and work your lash-full magic. Based on what we do know though, it works best for vertically layered eyelashes and overall natural eyelashes that have few layers of lashes.

This whole post screams NEW because you're in for another G-reat Surprise: Yegi Beauty now has the G-Line Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions!

Again, I would love to just sprinkle Yegi-influential-motivational dust right now with a tutorial for these glamorous new tweezers, but alas we must wait.

But, let me just add a splash of a lil' somethin', somethin' before I go; as a Lash Goddess, you're going to feel like a G with the G Tweezers, since it's "light-weight and made for super precision to allow you to isolate and apply the eyelash extensions exactly where you want them". 

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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I want to buy this G – Line Tweezers but l don’t know the price and how to order. Please write me for a further information

Boriana Tashkova,

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