Eyelash Extensions 101 One Year Anniversary

Eyelash Extensions 101 One Year Anniversary

It's the second expansion for the "sparks in the air like the 4th of July" because last year on July 4, the Yegi Team created sparks of its own by uploading Eyelash Extensions 101 on our YouTube Channel!

Flash forward to 2019, like right now. Let's take a closer look at the fact that this particular video, one year later, has over TWO MILLION VIEWS! Cue the fireworks, because WOW.

In my eyelash-extensions-advocate opinion, this is the foundation of what we truly stand for. We always aim to perfect the craft - not only for our products and our salon in Burbank, CA, but for future lash technicians to learn and grow themselves to their fullest potential.

Let's be real, this video is a teeny tiny fraction of what you, as a lash tech, would experience if you took a Yegi Academy course. Just sayin'.

Check out the first section of the July fun for Yegi Beauty.

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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Wow, congrats!!! 2M views is so awesome! And happy anniversary :)

<a href="http://www.sdeyelashextensions.com">SD Eyelash Extensions</a>,

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