Sparks In The Air For Yegi Beauty In The Month Of July

Sparks In The Air For Yegi Beauty In The Month Of July

July 4th came and went quicker than a firework being shot up into the sky. BUT, the momentum for Yegi Beauty did not stop.

The recent "Top 9" of our Instagram is complete proof of what Yegi Trinity stands for - the salon services, the products, and the Academy!

Top 9 Instagram Post

I'm high-key super excited to dive into so many awesome events that occurred for our brand! The Yegi Team was lit, and continues to prep to match the Summer heat of August!

Tanya & Beatrice, among our lash techs at the Yegi Beauty Salon, put the MEGA in Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions and brought the wispy, fluffy look for their clients! Check them out at @beautify_by_b & @lashesbytanyaaa and book your next eyelash extensions, facials, and/or microblading service! 

Speaking of Mega Volume, we simply couldn't help ourselves and had to mention the NEW & IMPROVED Yegi Mega Volume 2.0 Eyelash Extensions! { For more info, click here! } Also, one of our Ambassadors, Kristin [@lashesby_kb], kept it classy with a Classic Set using our Yegi Beauty products. {Interested in becoming a Yegi Ambassador? Get more info by emailing}

New & Improved Yegi Mega Volume 2.0 Eyelash Extensions! 

Speaking of Ambassadors, (yeah, I did that again) one of the COOLEST moments EVER was when Brittanee (@beautybybrittanee) took our Yegi Beauty Educator Course by flying to LA to shadow Yegi teaching one of the Yegi Academy courses! Now, she will go back to Michigan and start teaching as well! How motivational is that?! 

Yegi Beauty Educator Course

As amazing as it is to have Yegi back at her Yegi Beauty roots by educating back in sunny Los Angeles, she continues her U.S. & Canada Tour for the rest of the year! In fact, new dates and locations have been added for Yegi Academy courses! 

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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