Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 3.0

Yegi Beauty Mega Volume 3.0

The Yegi Team can go on and on about the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions (clearly, there's a third blog post about it) but now I have this lash urge to show all of you lash technicians as well as the lovely clients that love to turn up the VOLUME some fabulous evidence of using this product. {Side Note: this whole sentence was as long as how the long the new Mega Volume 2.0 Lashes can go, and that's 22MM}

 Work done by: Beatrice, @beautify_by_b

Now that we have taken the appropriate time to admire the MEGA awesome work, let's talk about the NEW & IMPROVED Yegi Mega Volume 2.0 Eyelash Extensions - did you really think I was going to casually mention it and not give all the full & fluffy details? YEGI TRINITY don't play.

  • Improved Bonding
  • Foil Backing
  • Longer lasting Curl
  • New sizes 6mm - 22mm
  • New thickness in .03 
2nd Generation Mega Volume

BOOM. BAM. YASSSS. - Translation: this eliminates limitations for clients as well as gives lash technicians more options for Hybrid or Volume full sets! 

By Various Artists, featured on @yegibeauty (Instagram)

Yegi Beauty is always improving & growing because that is the best impact to have for the triple jackpot: the Academy, the products, and the salon business.

The lash technicians at the Yegi Beauty salon as well as the customers who shop for our products can't help but keep re-ordering the Mega Volume lashes, and the constant proof is on our social media platforms as well as it being a part of the kits for the Classic & Volume combo course. 

The universal formula is happy lash tech + happy client = success. 

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