Yegi Beauty Adhesive Remover(s)

Yegi Beauty Adhesive Remover(s)

It has been a wild ride thus far. As a client you’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a minute. And now, all good things come to an end...temporarily

Now, what the Yegi Team means is a break. Not a break up. You want to get off the lash rollercoaster, take a breather for a month or so, and get back to the fabulosity. 

As a lash tech, get the best option with either the cream or gel remover. 

Yegi Cream Adhesive Remover

In this photo, one of our lash technicians used the Yegi Cream Adhesive Remover. The client feels no pain or discomfort. It's easy to use plus it's gentle for the eyes. Talk about win-win!

But, we get it. It may be super weird to see yourself without lashes. So what did we do? We created the Yegi Strip Lashes during your break so you won’t feel so empty inside. 

Yegi Beauty Goddess Strip Lashes

Can we take a moment to admire how beautiful Yegi looks with our Yegi Beauty Goddess Strip Lashes?! 😍

Whether you're feeling the classic, hybrid, or volume, we have four kinds to choose from. There's more info about the falsies right here. 

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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