Isolation Tool Tutorial Video

Isolation Tool Tutorial Video

About two months ago, the Yegi team really emphasized the importance of isolation in the eyelash extensions world. If you wanted a "previously on Yegi Trinity" in regards to the topic, click here for your chance.  (I promise you won't regret it)

Well, as always, Yegi likes to make sure a new product goes hand-in-hand with a video/tutorial on how to use it. So, Yegi Trinity presents the How Do You Use the Isolation Tool for Eyelash Extensions - Tutorial and Review. 

So, what makes this visual so informative? Yegi doesn't hold back on what type of lashes it's best used for, and she doesn't sugarcoat when to purchase it to get your money's worth. As a lash technician in the beauty industry, we all understand wanting to feel comfortable and at ease with all the Yegi Beauty products!

I won't spoil the ending, but a brief summary will do. This powerful boss-lady takes time out of the United States & Canada Tour to make sure she zooms in on multiple-layered lashes in order to showcase the isolation tool in action. And let me tell you, it's satisfying to watch!

Look good, feel good, be unstoppable!

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