Color Me Yegi Beauty Lashes 2.0 | New Product

Color Me Yegi Beauty Lashes 2.0 | New Product

In honor of  #WaybackWednesday, it's time to bring back the awesome blog post known as Yegi Trinity - Color Me Yegi Beauty Lashes. 

Just to summarize this colorful sensation, it went a little something like this:

"Yegi Trinity is back to educate and inform lash technicians, this time about the Yegi Beauty Colored Lashes. Whether it's with a beautiful Classic full set or a Mega Volume full set, it adds an extra flavor that a client will absolutely enjoy."

With that said, the Yegi Beauty Mega Volume Colored Lashes and the Yegi Brown Classic Faux Mink Lashes have a new family member: Yegi Rainbow Eyelash Extensions!


"Rainbow Eyelash Extensions come with 16 rows (compared to the average of the 12 rows in most lines of eyelash extensions) the mix tray colors are Pink, Red, Purple and Blue in .15 thickness for classic eyelashes".

In a sense, it's a combination of the Yegi Beauty previous products, meaning more colors but this time for your Classic full sets!

The representation of all three products couldn't have arrived at a better time - after all, it's officially Fall and Halloween is right around the corner; it's your time to shine and boo-tify your clients' lashes.  

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