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Yegi lashes and classes are used by top lash artists all over the globe. Yegi’s passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and she loves helping other entrepreneurs to follow in her footsteps. Whether you just finished your first eyelash extension course or you’re already an experienced lash technician, there’s always more to learn. Follow our eyelash extension blog for exciting industry news, tips, and more!

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions 101

As a lash technician, removing eyelash extensions is an essential part of your training. If you’ve already taken our Academy classes and you want a refresher before your next appointment,...

How to Clean Lash Extensions 101

Learn How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions Many people don’t know that daily maintenance for their lash extensions is an absolute must! Since they have no idea that it’s necessary,...

Myths About Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve been considering getting an eyelash treatment or becoming a lash tech, you’re probably curious about the pros and cons of lash extensions. As eyelash extensions become more and...

Knowledge Leads to Success

Success doesn’t happen overnight. While you can certainly start earning some extra money as a lash technician, it takes time to truly become a master of your craft. Yegi’s goal is to provide you with the training and products you need to reach your full potential. If becoming your own boss is your goal, Yegi lashes can get you there — but only if you commit to ongoing growth and education.

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You got into the beauty industry because it’s fun and flexible, right? We’re right there with you. Be sure to check back regularly to see our latest updates. We love connecting with friends old and new, so don’t be a stranger! As always, if you have any questions about anything you read on our eyelash extension blog, we encourage you to get in touch. Start a new career as a lash technician or expand your services with Yegi Beauty!