greyscale modern salon
Tips & Tricks for Salon Maintenance

When starting a salon, even if you only offer one service, it can be challenging to keep everything running smoo...

Posted by Coalition SEO on June 07, 2021
lash technician learning how to remove eyelash extensions
How to Remove Eyelash Extensions 101

As a lash technician, removing eyelash extensions is an essential part of your training. If you’ve already taken...

Posted by Ana Ramos on April 27, 2021
girl posing with lash extensions
How to Clean Lash Extensions 101

Learn How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions Many people don’t know that daily maintenance for their lash extensio...

Posted by Ana Ramos on April 27, 2021
Myths About Eyelash Extensions
Myths About Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve been considering getting an eyelash treatment or becoming a lash tech, you’re probably curious about t...

Posted by Ana Ramos on August 08, 2020
two women with lashes before and after lash lifts/perms
What is an Eyelash Perm?

Nearly everyone is familiar with the benefits of a perm for your hair, but many people wonder what a perm does ...

Posted by Ana Ramos on February 24, 2020