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Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Lash Education

Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty encourages and highly recommends all lash technicians to permanently seek a lash education in the realm of eyelash extensions; starting with the basics and ranging to the more advanced information, it's important to always learn any and all knowledge pertaining to the craft in order to maintain equivalency between lash tech and client(s).

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Yegi Trinity - A Little Taste Of The Yegi Academy Demo

If you've been reading the Yegi Trinity blog, you've noticed the three components to the company and brand - the salon, the academy, and the products. But what if...the Yegi Academy had a triple trifecta of its own?! Let me explain. Yegi Academy has developed into the United States & Canada Tour, an Educator Course AND online courses! 

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Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty Adhesive Remover(s)

Yegi Trinity - Yegi Beauty dives into the easy transition to take a break from eyelash extensions if there's a need for it. So without further ado, we introduce the Yegi Cream or Gel Remover for lash technicians to use. It's a fast process plus it's pain-free for clients. And, on top of that, you can still maintain the lash look with our strip lashes!

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